Alex Herrera

I am a former Wall Street/Financial Services professional turned investor who was looking to invest in the Cannabis/CBD industry. Unable to find an investment opportunity that met my criteria of high standards and best organically grown products, with a little nudge from my wife Karen, we launched Palm Organix in October of 2018.



Karen Herrera

Growing up my family lived all over the country, from Texas to Delaware, West Virginia to Michigan. This forced me at an early age to constantly meet new people, make new friends, and learn and adapt to new surroundings. Although it was difficult to really plant roots, I discovered that starting over and over again added a valuable skill set in adaptability and courage to start new ventures.



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Alex’s Success

Alex Herrera is a multi-faceted, seasoned financial services professional, entrepreneur, investor, and CEO/Operator with over twenty-five years of corporate leadership and startup experience.

A visionary, creative and results-driven leader, Alex has demonstrated a strong and consistent track record of managing risk while generating high-growth returns on investments under his management. His analytical, communication and interpersonal sales skills, honed over time, have resulted in a unique reputation for identifying integrated financial and business solutions to complex business problems and marketplace opportunities both quickly and effectively.

Alex is a former member of The American Stock Exchange and The New York Stock Exchange and served as Senior Floor Official for the NYSE. As Senior Managing Director for leading Wall Street firms such as Bear Wagner and Labranche & Co., his responsibilities included leading all trading operations, setting strategic direction, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall company profitability. In his last corporate position heading Labranche, Alex was responsible for $800 million of assets under management and led a staff of 300 professionals.

Since leaving Wall Street, Alex has built a successful consulting/Third Party Marketing business that marries early-stage companies seeking funding with raising capital for multiple software startup companies, private equity and hedge funds. To date, he has raised over $200 million across numerous projects in many tech product and service segments.

Most recently, in the summer of 2018, recognizing the likely passing of the Farm Bill Act of 2018, and the enormous opportunity in the CBD industry, and not being able to find an existing CBD company to invest in that met his high standards, Alex launched Palm Organix and has grown the company to become a leader in the retail, eCommerce and wholesaling of Premium ZERO THC CBD products.

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Alex holds FINRA licenses 4, 7, 24, 55 & 63.

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Karen’s Success

Upon completing my college degree in Health Policy Administration from Penn State I joined the team at a wonderful Long Term Care facility as their Director of Admissions. My daily interactions were with families going through the painful realization that their loved one required 24-hour care. My role was to listen, educate, assist, and support these families with their difficult decisions.

I then took quite a few years off to start and raise a family. My husband Alex and I, married 27 years, have 4 wonderful and unique children who are all at different stages of their life’s journey. My skills of listening, educating, assisting, and supporting were put to good use and further strengthened in the daily challenges of raising happy, healthy children.

Looking to find a new opportunity to help my community, and with the support and collaboration of my husband’s vast business and financial knowledge, we decided to enter the world of CBD, which was just beginning to become popular for its many health and wellness benefits. Our task was to thoroughly research this new supplement and seek out the highest quality sources for producing premium, natural, beneficial CBD products, thus began Palm Organix™

The Palm Organix™ mission today is much like my early goals, to listen, educate, assist, and support, for all those seeking a natural alternative to promote their wellness needs. This also prompted us to open a retail location where we can interact directly with new people and have them feel comfortable knowing their CBD journey begins with us.

Palm Organix™ Branding

– We are family-owned and operated, and take pride in providing the highest level of customer support
– We have done the research and daily due diligence to make sure our products are of the highest quality, are continuously tested for safety
– We feel that education is one of the most important components of our brand, which is why Karen spends a lot of time at the retail location, and Alex can be heard on many podcasts and other public speaking forums
– We want to help educate the public on the different types of CBD and hemp products and help them avoid purchasing an unsafe, or ineffective product.
– We believe in full transparency, knowing our honest approach will help gain our client’s trust.
– We believe that our website is a great resource where people can read our guides and blogs, look through our frequently asked questions, review lab reports, and reach out to us by phone or email

Buy CBD Oil – Your Complete Cannabidiol Buyers Guide

Because healthy plants lead to healthy consumers, we have created a useful guide that details helpful tips to keep in mind when shopping and buying CBD oil and all CBD products.  Please continue for our exclusive CBD Buyers Guide.

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