Cleveland Hughes

Cleveland Hughes Jr. Is the creator of Healing Mitts Intentional boxing training™system. Cleveland started boxing to help manage his anxiety and depression. Boxing helped him manage his emotions and gave him confidence.

“In 2009, a therapist encouraged me to try boxing and that one decision changed my life. Boxing has allowed me to regulate my emotions, has continued to sharpen my mind and has given me confidence in my ability to overcome any obstacle. I am committed to elevating my skills as a boxing coach, in order to give people the same opportunities I have received from the sport.”



-Cleveland Hughes

Cleveland Hughes' Featured Article

It’s Time to Think About that Little Black Dress
With 2020 wrapping up, there is a lot for us to reflect on. It was a far from “normal” year, so it was hard for us to stick to a routine, let alone, work on our health and wellness goals. I mean, come on, all the gyms shut down, and when quarantine hit, we didn’t have the opportunities to dress up and show off for those special occasions, like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc.


Located in the heart of downtown Evanston, Healing Mitts Boxing is not your regular boxing gym. Owned and operated by coach Cleveland Hughes, it incorporates the Healing Mitts Intentional Boxing Training™ system and philosophy. Overall health consists of more than physical fitness, but mental health and awareness as well. Cleveland’s goal is to bring healing through boxing to his clients through inclusivity. 


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