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Dr. Dixie Short (aka Dr. Dee) is a DNM, with a PhD in Natural Medicine. She is dedicated to helping people establish healthy habits to create a natural healthy, joyful way of living. She believes that by focusing on nutrition we can rebuild our bodies from within. If you need real skills and methods for holistically advancing your life and career then look no further. Get ready to start living a healthy and joyful life.

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How to Protect Your Health

I know things are crazy right now. Which is why I want to make sure you have some all natural options that you can try at home to improve your immune system and protect yourself! As always there are tons of recipes! If you need anything all you have to do is ask.

What’s Your Type?

Did you know PCOS effect one in ten women worldwide? It turns out there are four different types of PCOS that women can experience. Find out if you are at risk and how to turn the tables on PCOS before it’s too late! Plus, get some tasty treats to help you eat your way to better health today!

Life Unfiltered

Are your kidneys getting the love they deserve? Your kidneys act as more than just filters for your body. Find out why you need to start making them a priority and tasty ways to start today!

Are You At Risk Of PCOS?

Are you at risk of having PCOS? Turns out, one in ten women have PCOS. Find out if the odds are in your favor and all natural ways to keep it that way! Plus get one of my favorite recipes Chocolate Zucchini Bread and eat your way to better health!

10 Herbs And Spices To Strengthen Your Immune System

Looking for natural ways to improve your immune system? Who isn’t? Now more than ever before we are all struggling to do everything we can to keep ourselves and loved ones safe and healthy. That can be a bit of a struggle at home, which is why I have put together a series of articles full of ways to increase your immunity right at home. Get ready for Tons of great recipes and tips!

How To Strengthen Your Immunity At Home

With everyone trapped indoors there is no better time to work on improving your immune system. No matter what is going on in the world we could all use a little help strengthening our bodies natural defense. Find out some quick and easy ways to do just that and get one of my favorite spring chicken recipes.

Welcome to The Real Oval Office

Are you hurting or helping your ovaries? Too often we forget about our organs. In fact, the sad fact is that unless they are causing us problems we often forget they are even there. Find out how and why you should take better care of your ovaries!

Testosterone Balancing Foods

Are you at risk of a Testosterone imbalance? Read this article to find out if your Testosterone is at risk of being too high or too low and find out how to naturally balance it out with the help of some tasty treats!

the secret to 

Health & Wellness

Do you need real skills and methods for holistically advancing you life and career. If you are ready to start living your best life contact me now and I guarantee you will see a difference in thirty days! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For additional goodies be sure to follow us on social media by using the links below!

The Importance of Self-Care Workbook

We all deserve to be happy and this workbook is chock full of tips and tricks to help you restore happiness and balance in your life.

-My favorite Self-Care tips & Tricks

-A Free 30 schedule to indulge in some well deserved R&R every Day!

-Fun games that will help you destress and progress in the game of life

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