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Jana Short is a renowned global influencer & mindset coach in the health and wellness industry. She is an NLP, RTT Practitioner, best selling author, public speaker, host of Oh, My Health… There is HOPE! podcast, and Best Holistic Life magazine editor.

Jana currently works creating online global influencers, teaching her clients to not only remove blocks that are holding them back but how to start that love affair with your potential online clients.

She has recently been recognized and featured on the cover of Los Angeles Entrepreneur Magazine September 2020 issue. Monica Garg’s “Influential Women of the World-Global Influencers” 2020, Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine “Top 25 Entrepreneurs for 2020” issue and the cover of December’s Best Holistic Life magazine.

-Jana Short


Jana's Featured Article

When Things Start to go Wrong: How to Create a Positive Mindset
This has been a year; no one will forget anytime soon. With the fear of COVID-19, people sent home from work for an indefinite amount of time, schools being shut down, and kids stuck at home. My question to you is, how are you doing? How are you keeping up with the day to day changes?

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As a Best Holistic Life Expert Blogger, I’ve discovered Jana Lee Short’s guidance and attention to be, bar none, the best among best. As a Master Coach and Life Mentor for many years, I’ve experienced numerous marketing and social media classes. I have a marketing background myself but when it comes to concise, powerful, impactful tools, Jana knows what she is doing. She is, all at once, inspiration, encouraging, and professional. Her attention to detail regarding branding, promotion and story-telling in the online market is exactly what you need if you plan to stand out in your industry. Thank You Jana!

Lisa M Crofton

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