Financial Health Check with Jessica Durbin

Jessica Durbin started in finances basically when she was in the womb. She is now a financial wellness coach for people who need help creating a budget, diving into their emotions surrounding money or figuring out where their money goes each month.

She believes finances connect to EVERYTHING. Jessica is here to help you figure out how the puzzle pieces of your finances fit together. She started out thinking she couldn’t do it all. That she couldn’t possibly have a thriving business where she could help people and love what she does for a living.

 She says she is always growing and learning and she has even bigger goals now. Her motto is balance, consistency, & discipline leads to Financial Wellness which is key to a great lifestyle.

Jessica' Featured Article

4-Ways To Prepare for Filing Your Taxes

I don’t know about you but this year feels like the longest year ever. However, I realized the other day just how quickly tax season is approaching. During tax season I meet all types of personalities and I really love that about my job.

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Are You Ready to be Financially Free?


This video series touches on Budgets, Tackling Debt, and Ways to Increase Income TODAY! I created this series for those of you who have been hit hard by COVID-19. I want you to know there is nothing you can’t accomplish and creating a plan of action is always a great starting point.