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Kela has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and is a certified health and wellness coach. With an extensive background as a professional fitness trainer, wellness educator and self-proclaimed nutrition nerd, Kela has combined all of her passions into a business as a holistic health and wellness coach. Kela’s coaching techniques are tailored toward women struggling with infertility issues and hormone imbalance as well as women struggling to lose weight. She is able to work with women before conception, during pregnancy and postpartum as weight loss becomes the goal. As a mom of two little boys herself, Kela struggled with infertility and hormone imbalance for many years. Determined to find a better and more efficient way for women to overcome these hurdles without drugs or invasive procedures, she now specializes in just that!

-Kela Smith


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Health & Wellness Coaching

Coach Kela’s programs are so much more than just a nutrition plan — it’s a powerful mind-body experience. Each program is designed to transform you to heal from within to achieve the best version of yourself. Learn what it means to be truly balanced and nourished as your body intends.

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Creator of  “The Hormone Puzzle” 

Deciding to have a baby is life-changing. You envision announcing the news that you’re expecting to loved ones, exciting gender reveals, and pink and blue baby showers .

What you don’t anticipate is having to meticulously track your cycle, forfeit spontaneity, and experience the heartache of months without a positive pregnancy test. 

How long have you been attempting to get pregnant?


If you’ve been trying to have a baby for 6 months or more and none of the conventional treatments are helping you to conceive, you may have a hormonal imbalance that is affecting your ability to get pregnant. 

Get my FREE guides, The Hormone Puzzle and Healing Superfood Recipes, and attend my FREE online class and I’ll introduce you to the method has helped countless women get pregnant naturally. 

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