Lunden Souza

Lunden Souza is a Fitness & Lifestyle Transformation Coach obsessed with traveling the world helping her clients go from crazy busy to crazy

She’s on a mission to break the cycle of no time, energy or purpose with those who are ready to stop feeling stuck in their lives, jobs, relationships and/or fitness and ready to UP-LEVEL!. With over a decade in the fitness industry, she quickly realized that doing MORE actually doesn’t give you MORE results…at least not in the way you’re really hoping for.

-Lunden Souza

Fitness & Lifestyle Transformation Coach

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VIP Coaching With Lunden Souza 


  • You feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel just going through the motions every day
  • You’re stressed out trying to find time to fit everything you need to do into the day
  • You have ZERO time for yourself because you’re so busy doing everything for everyone else
  • You’re mentally and physically exhausted
  • You’re struggling to find what makes YOU happy
  • You’re ready for a change but you have absolutely NO CLUE where to start

This is EXACTLY why I created my MBL Model to help you get UNstuck and live a life full of FREEDOM, LOVE and ABUNDANT EVERGY….and get into the best shape of your life while you’re at it!

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