Annette Anderson

Annette has been a successful entrepreneur and inventor. She has spent most of her adult life, working with other women in developing financial strategies and helping and counseling others in creating a life of significance.

She counts her experiences in dealing with the death of a child as one of her greatest learning experiences. Annette loves the solemnity of her morning walks and to create friendships, tasty food, businesses, and any reason to gather.

-Annette Anderson

Mark Anderson

Mark has served on various boards, and serves as a faith and community leader to many who consider him a trusted advisor. He loves his daily hike in the mountains and finds peace in natures beauty. Mark has learned to reinvent himself and now helps others find their own best self. Financial services expert with over 30 years of experience. Mark also finds that writing is his favorite therapy.

Mark and Annette’s path has been filled with various adventures and experiences. Most have been adventures of happiness, while others have been adventures of difficult loss and heartache. Being married for 36 years, we count each other as best friends.

Together, we claim no special understanding or wisdom, but have a unique perspective on life’s journey. Our experience comes from life’s everyday lessons. We believe that experience is life’s greatest teacher. Come join us in the journey of our lifetime. As we share in one another’s wisdom, the parts of many, create great strength, vision, and clarity in our own life’s journey.

-Mark Anderson


Annette and Mark's Featured Article

When Things Start to go Wrong: How to Create a Positive Mindset
This has been a year; no one will forget anytime soon. With the fear of COVID-19, people sent home from work for an indefinite amount of time, schools being shut down, and kids stuck at home. My question to you is, how are you doing? How are you keeping up with the day to day changes?

Host of Cairn The Load Podcast

Annette and Mark Anderson have found that living in the moment doesn’t need to be looked at as a destination, but a journey. Sometimes the journey takes a few unexpected detours and turns. How we react to life is a choice.

While we can’t always control what happens to or around us, we can control the direction we choose to follow. Our goal is to Inspire, Grow, and Connect. We grow by gaining clarity while accepting that life’s less than perfect moments can be defining moments of learning.

Personal and transformative growth should be a collaborative effort that comes from a village of those, not only those looking for hope but those who are willing to offer hope. We can all find joy in life’s journey. Our journeys are often difficult, sometimes unbelievable, but always fulfilling.

Join our podcasts as we experience the journey of a lifetime.

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