Melanie Pigeon, RN, BSN

Melanie Pigeon is no stranger to the medical field, having spent 10 years in a Critical Care Unit as a Registered Nurse, she was responsible for patients with an array of chronic diseases and acute illnesses. The ICU taught her the importance of health prevention and being an advocate for her patients. The last 4 years Melanie ran her own clinic as a wellness nurse, providing her patients with preventative strategies and empowering them with the tools to improve their health and well-being. With 15 years as an RN and 5 additional years in the healthcare field, Melanie has 20 years of experience to share. In addition, she has accomplished a Bachelor of Science in both Nursing and Health Sciences, with an emphasis in alternative therapies. Battling with Lupus as a chronically ill patient herself has also given Melanie another perspective on how to care for patients and their needs. Her career and passion for health and well-being has sent her on a journey to educate and provide patients with a well thought out plan and face time with her personally. You will get a compassionate and knowledgeable nurse while Melanie spends one-on-one time conducting a health care regimen and providing you with the tools for optimal health.

-Melanie Pigeon, RN, BSN


Melanie's Latest Blog Posts

Autoimmune Disease and Exercise Intolerance

Exercising with an autoimmune disease can not only be frustration and flare your condition, sometimes it feels impossible. You hear it time and time again that working out with an autoimmune disease will only help your condition. However, with an autoimmune disease you don’t have the leeway to push your body to be more productive, give too much, sleep less, to say yes too often or exercise in the way you would like. So what do you do with this catch 22…

3 Ways to Combat Self Guilt with a Chronic Illness

Do you ever find yourself feeling ill or battling chronic symptoms when your just out to have a good time? Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease? Learn 3 tools to help you control the guilt and symptoms in an uncontrollable environment.

Changing a Battle into a Better Life

Having health issues derailing your life can make a person loose hope. This article gives a little incite to some of my struggles, how I work on over coming them and how I would like to do the same for you.

Making Health A Priority

Wellness Journey

When I meet with my patients both in person and via video chat we create an ongoing relationship.  I want to help you start a wellness plan, continue to persevere and be there for accountability!

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