Nicole Buratti

Nicole Buratti is a Global Sex Influencer with a passion for connecting the dots between mind, body, and sex. She is the author of The GEMMA Method® and co-author of several best-sellers on women’s health and sex.

Nicole has led women from the boardroom to the bedroom by empowering them to find inner wisdom, optimizing communication, and to love themselves first. SHe talks about sex and body image every day.

She is on a mission to break the stigma of enjoying sex and intimacy. With more than a decade in women’s sexual health, she has learned that it starts within, no partner required.

-Nicole Buratti

Nicole's Recent Article

Human touch elicits warmth and the feeling of comfort as our bodies release oxytocin-the hormone of love and connection. That same hormone that connects us to our partner and makes us want to hook up or not.

The GEMMA Method by Nicole Buratti

The GEMMA Method® is my signature online program for women and I am doing a special pre-launch promotion for all of my girlfriends.
The GEMMA Method® is broken into fourteen weeks. Each week, you’ll get a series of audio and video workshops with exercises to try, including guided practices and handouts.
The GEMMA Method® is an in-depth guide to all things female sex and hormones. Balancing science and anecdote with theory and some really hot techniques, this program is designed to give you the knowledge and the skills to change your mind about sex and to impress your lover.

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