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Tamara Golden is the owner & CEO of Journeywork Retreats, a full-service retreat strategy, and planning company operating across the US and worldwide. From do-it-yourself courses to done-for-you retreat packages, Journeywork Retreats supports coaches and transformation leaders in crafting custom retreats that grow their brand through accelerated outcomes for their clients, while increasing re-enrollments, referrals, and revenue for their business.

-Tamara Golden


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It’s Time to Think About that Little Black Dress
With 2020 wrapping up, there is a lot for us to reflect on. It was a far from “normal” year, so it was hard for us to stick to a routine, let alone, work on our health and wellness goals. I mean, come on, all the gyms shut down, and when quarantine hit, we didn’t have the opportunities to dress up and show off for those special occasions, like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc.
You Deserve A Break


When Tamara Golden founded Journeywork Retreats,
she set out to create a meaningful platform for heart-centered entrepreneurs looking to achieve three goals:
~ Grow their businesses ~
~ Distinguish themselves from the competition ~
 ~ Foster powerful growth, learning and transformation in their clients ~
Journeywork Retreats is a full-service destination retreat planning company that supports coaches, transformation leaders, healers, and artists in creating custom retreats across the United States and the world. 

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