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Cyndi Walter
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Cyndi Walter is the owner of Cynergy, Inc., is an Int’l speaker, mentor, certified mindset and Global Wellness Coach, and leader in the network marketing industry.
As a lifetime dedicated Fitness Instructor and Marathon Runner, she is committed to helping women across the globe become their healthiest and wealthiest self which has propelled her to achieve a multimillion-dollar earner status with over 40,000+ clients in several different countries in as little as 5 years. Her motto is that mindset and communication are the keys to an abundant life. Visit her website for her free e-series Healthier, Wealthier YOU in as little as 30 days!

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Dr. Dixie Short
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Dr. Dixie Short (aka Dr. Dee) is a DNM, with a PhD in Natural Medicine. She is dedicated to helping people establish healthy habits to create a naturally healthy, joyful way of living. She believes that by focusing on nutrition we can rebuild our bodies from within. Dr. Dee first got started in natural medicine when traditional medicine failed not only her but her loved ones as well. She was tired of feeling helpless in dealing with her health and watching her loved ones struggle with their own.

Prior to going into natural medicine, she was in school to be an MD. It was during her year and a half struggle that she was first introduced to a more holistic approach. Within weeks she was feeling relief. It occurred to her that she could apply the same simple techniques and approach to others who had fallen through the cracks with traditional medicine. It is Dr. Dee’s mission to make healthy, joyful living obtainable for everyone.

Dr. Dee specializes in entrepreneurs with fast past lives that are looking to improve their health naturally and increase their productivity throughout there day. She is most excited about creating programs that establish natural and easy lifestyle habits that are guaranteed to help clients achieve their health goals. If you are ready to build the life you have been dreaming of contact Dr. Dee and get ready to see the difference. Visit her website here.

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Scott Gates
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I am blessed to have grown up in Southern California. Not in a big city, but a small town where people rode their horses to restaurants, and you waved at everyone driving by. I still remember watching my Pop seal a deal with a handshake, and he’s never gone back on his word, and that’s the way we were raised. My family is supper close, always have been, and we’re all blessed with good old common sense. Sports always came easy to me, if I wasn’t at a game or practice, you looked for me in the shop, art, history, or maybe english departments. Throughout my childhood, as an All-American in college, and into my 40’s I have struggled with my health. Constant illness, respiratory conditions, seasonal struggles, stomach discomfort, headaches and the list goes on, along with the side effects and ineffectiveness of medications I took.


I grew up building our houses with Pop, so I’m pretty handy with tools, can fix or build just about anything, love building stuff for our house, checkin’ off my honey do list. I can operate just about anything that has wheels, tracks, or propellers. I have a fascination with history, and a rising curiosity for green technology. I love playing hockey and we love watching an LA Kings game. Enjoy watching all the kids in our extended family growing into there own unique and amazing little self’s. Prefer the desert or beach to the snow. I’m pretty good with the BBQ and smoker, and love gettin’ the family and close friends together. I’m on the board of directors for a few charities, volunteer as often as I can, and try my best to make sure the people we care about, know it.


I have always enjoyed traveling different and out of the way places, backroads and small towns. I want to walk the streets of those historic places I’ve read about, talk to the people, admire the architecture and surroundings, absorb the history of another time and place. I’ve got things I want to build, to make, things I never would of thought I could before. I want others to know that I was there, not because they feel pain from missing me. But because the help, knowledge, and the time we had, was a blessing that in some way brought them joy, a laugh, or happiness. Time is really the only thing we’re given, and you never know how much you got. I want to create more time, more us time, more family time, I never have enough of that.


I grew up in a family of hero’s. My grandfather was part of the greatest generation. A WW2 Marine, and served for thirty years in the United States Marine Corp. My father was in the Sheriff’s department for 38 years. My brother is now a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, and has been serving for over 20 years. So as you can see, I have some hero’s in the family. But my big hero’s? Well this might surprise you, but they are women. My grandma, watched my “Tampa” board a ship and go off to war. Not just WW2, but some scuffles afterwards too, and stayed behind, doing it all, alone, and dreading the knock on the door. I watched my Mom kiss Dad when he went off to work, they didn’t have bullet proof vests back then, and any phone call after 8pm always turned her face white. My sister in law, though now days communication is much easier, was alone during my brothers many ship tours. She struggled with terrorism, and seeing the attacks on real time on CNN of somewhere he was deployed, waiting for his “I’m ok honey” texts. They are really my hero’s. And you can throw John Wayne, Lewis and Clark, Chief Joseph, and Abraham Lincoln in the mix, to name a few.


My grandma Judy used to say, “I want you to know what I know”. So, like her, I pass on what I know and am constantly learning about essential oils and natural ways to live healthier. Hopefully it can help you, your family, a friend, a co-worker find their path to what my one of my Mom’s call “Chronic Wellness”. We can all be our best, not just survive, lets thrive.

Now that you now about me, well, a little about me. I would welcome the opportunity to know you better. Regardless of where ever you are at in your life right now, if you want something different, something natural, and you’re ready to begin an amazing journey towards empowerment, lets start right now. Maybe you would like the freedom I have now, to work where I want, and as much as I want, helping people. Lets find out where you are right now, and where you would like to be. Break out of the cement boots holding you in that place, life is about taking risk and I believe you’re worth it. Check out our event page, maybe I’m teaching a class near you, don’t see one, maybe you would like to host one for your family and friends. What have you got to lose?

What is the next step? Please contact me below if you are ready to take advantage of life and begin your journey on your path to natural wellness.

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