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Best Holistic Life is more than just a website or blog. When the founder, Jana, created the website, she knew it would be much more.

The Best Holistic life website has turned into an editorial blog where Holistic Health Experts contribute and share their knowledge and expertise. Along with a plethora of information, the Best Holistic Life is also an active community of individuals on the same path searching for answers to health issues, concerns, or crisis that could leave some people feeling hopeless.

More Than a Website, More Than a Directory of Experts

Along with the growing list of health experts and online influencers, you’ll join a community of like-minded individuals focused on bettering themselves through holistic health options working towards a life full of health, well being, and living a healthy life encouraging each person to keep going, keep asking questions, and seeking answers that are not the typical medical response.

We have hope, love, and a mutual desire to find holistic health answers that are “unconventional” or not the typical “modern medicine” response. It’s our drive, passion, and willingness to help others through unconventional methods we’ve personally tried, watched transform someone close to us, or learned about as more holistic health practices are becoming normalized.

Why should you join the Best Holistic Life Premium Membership? 

Are you a holistic health and wellness expert and are ready to take the next step in furthering your call to be a life coach if you are either looking to begin growing your client base and need exposure, looking to increase your client list without being bombarded with more clients than someone can help or wanting to be noticed as that Major Influencer in your field.

If you are a health coach looking for exposure, extending your reach, continued education on growing your coaching business, and being put in front of an already thriving group of like-minded individuals living a holistic lifestyle.

Certified Health and Wellness Coach’s and Experts in One Place

With Live Interviews streaming to over 70,000+ people, you will be participating in a national and worldwide stage that exposes you to potential clients, networking, training, and a ton of other benefits!

Who is this opportunity for?

This platform is for Health and Wellness experts, who are certified in their field, who have a desire to build their client base and extend their reach to serve more clients. If you are starting out but are certified in your field and want to network with the experts, this is an excellent place for you to start sharing using your skills with other experts.

This platform is for the expert that will do what it takes to be the best at what they do; Best Holistic Life gives you a voice and a platform to be heard and get your message and expertise out to others. If you want to be considered an Expert and Major Influencer, and you need to be seen as one. Accept offers in blogging, book contributions, speaking engagements, magazine write-ups, interviews, and podcast interviews. As a member of Best Holistic Life, all of these are not only offered to you but already have a substantial following.

This is for you if…

If you are a health coach, wellness professional, or life coach struggling to gain exposure, unsure where to start, or confused with how the logistics play into you not only having your dream job? Yet, the calling to serve others through your expertise is still just as strong, and frustration is going up.

Equally, are you a life coach that has clients, but you are looking to add a few more and get more exposure? The Best Holistic Life Premium Membership is also for you!

Best Holistic Life Premium Membership Benefits

Premier Membership Include:

  1. Once per month, Facebook Live in Health Influencer Mastermind Group: Go live and share your expertise in our Health Influencers Mastermind Group. Previous major influencers have found it is the central spot where you can share your knowledge, interact with group members, and convert followers into your dream clients.
  2. One Blog Submission per month with Best Holistic Life: Contribute to our editorial blogging site where we are getting over 320.5k monthly views through Pinterest alone, not including our large social media audience and joint venture partner resources.
  3. A directory listing in Best Holistic Life: In our directory, you will be able to add your bio and link to your site and social media.
  4. The listing of one Free Mini Online Course: Have the opportunity to list your freebie where it will get tons of exposure!
  5. One Paid Online Course (that backlinks to you): List your paid course where you will get not only exposure but find your perfect clients.
  6. Event listings in Best Holistic Life Events Calendar: Be able to list your events in Best Holistic Life Calendar of Events where you will more than double your exposure.
  7. Book authorship participation, in books we recommend: If you are currently an author, we will list a short write up about your book in our “books we recommend section.”
  8. Bonus Spotlight: This is AWESOME and will give you some pretty fantastic exposure, you will be invited to be highlighted in either one of our quarterly magazines, or on Best Holistic Life podcast that is launching in August! LIMITED TIME OFFER!

$97/month or pay in full and save $997/year.