With the holidays just around the corner, it feels like we are constantly bombarded by a never-ending spew of people selling products to make our season bright. What if I told you that you can do just that right in the comfort of your own home? Here’s the best part, not only am I going to give you one of my favorite holiday cookie recipes, but I will also educate you on why you should keep some of them on hand when you travel.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Here is the thing, when the holidays roll around we spend the bulk of them in constant motion. Whether that be in the car racing back and forth from store to store, or over the hill to Grandma’s house. We end up running around more than some of us do all year in the span of just two months. Now, I know what you may be thinking since when is being active a bad thing? Being active is NOT a bad thing. Unfortunately, for most of us, this sudden burst of excess activity can cause our immune systems to take a hit.

Defend The Keep!

Ever wonder why we tend to get sick during the holiday months? Yes, there is a fluctuation in the weather that plays a large role. Not to mention the increased levels of stress from the pressure of finding the perfect gift or spending time with that relative you dread. However, the biggest contributing factor in our seasonal illnesses is the fact that during this timeframe we are constantly in motion. This means that not only are we exposed to numerous different bacteria and viruses’, we are also not giving our bodies the care they need to keep the season’s unwanted guests at bay (and I don’t mean that creepy family member we all have).



Have No Fear!

Thanks to the power of technology and the internet we now have the ability to greatly reduce how active we have to be for the shopping portion of this holiday season. But whom among us doesn’t want to pop into those countless Mom & Pop stores that are filled with hidden treasures. At the end of the day, stress and travel are two things that are unavoidable for any holiday season. Have no fear, for even in the darkest of times you can always find light and these cookies will help get you through and to all of your holiday tasks.

Ginger To The Rescue!

What makes these cookies so great? They are Ginger Molasses cookies! By now those of you in the baking world are probably thinking ‘big deal that is a gingerbread cookie’. But that is where you are so wrong. Ginger is not only a natural antibiotic it is also a game-changer when it comes to motion sickness! In fact, the scent of ginger alone can keep nausea at bay. Anyone suffering from a little morning sickness? Have a cookie. Your kids get car sick? Keep these bad boys on hand. They are soft and chewy making them a great addition to any season. You might want to try my tasty gingersnap cookie recipe too!

The New Soul Food!

Who says gingers have no souls. These cookies are designed to sooth, not just your body, but your soul as well. Do you know what the best part is? I have made these cookies gluten-free and vegan! Now you can enjoy these tasty treats guilt-free. They are also super easy to make and a fun way to spend time with the family. Like all of the recipes I post it is important for me to educate you as a consumer on all the benefits these sweet treats bring. That is why I will also breakdown some of the power players in this recipe and tell you a little bit about everything they are bringing to the table.

Ginger Power!

First off, the star of this show is ginger. Ginger is great for your health and even better for this time of year. Ginger has the ability to naturally warm you from the inside out. As I mentioned earlier, ginger is great for preventing or treating motion sickness. It improves blood flow. Ginger helps reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. It aids in the treatment and prevention of ovarian cancer. It is great for aiding in digestion and improves food absorption. Ginger helps strengthen the immune system and helps prevent fatty deposits from building up in the arteries. It’s great for treating morning sickness and nausea. It can even help stimulate your metabolism, making it an ideal addition to any season!



Spice it Up!

The next two ingredients definitely help spice things up. Cinnamon which comes with these amazing benefits: promotes weight loss, anti-inflammatory, aids in blood sugar regulation, high in calcium, reduces bloating, natural antibiotic, the seventh strongest antioxidant in the world, promotes oral health, and is packed with vitamins and minerals to aid in overall health. These cookies also call for clove which helps with promoting circulation, preventing blood clots, aids in digestion, prevents and treats nausea, gas, and bloating, natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant, reduces stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and prevents and aids in the treatment of chest related illnesses.

Seasons Greetings!

It is easy to see why these cookies manage to make it out around this time of year. It is as if they were designed to treat this high stress and overindulgent time of year. Luckily, you now have all the knowledge you need as to why you should be adding these tasty treats to your holiday routine. Now get ready for this quick and easy recipe that will help keep you sane this season.



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