Have you ever felt like the days fly by? In the blink of an eye, you realize it’s a new month, a new season, a new year? I always wonder, How does this happen?
How can I be so excited for summer to come, and then, in what seems like a week, the temperature drops and New Year’s Eve is here?
Do you ever feel like life is just flying by, and you haven’t got to the things you want to do?
Well… You are not alone. Many people feel this way, including myself.
Is it time to rebalance life? And get focused on your life, your goals, your dreams, the things that truly matter at the end of the day?


Here are 3 easy steps to rebalance your life and gain clarity.


The first is to declutter your mind.

I have my clients find a quiet space, take a piece of paper, and literally scribble on it as thoughts enter their minds. I call this a mind dump. It allows all the chitter-chatter to be released so it won’t take up space any longer. On a side note, if something of importance comes to mind, write it legibly so you can go back to it later. This mind dump may take a few minutes or up to 20 minutes, depending upon how much “stuff” you have rolling around in your head. You will have a refreshed feeling after you do this. I do this once a week to prepare myself for the weekend and let go of everything I have been thinking about all week long. When Monday comes, my mind feels fresh and ready to focus on the tasks ahead.


Secondly, take “Power Hours.”

These hour time blocks are for investing in yourself. Whatever brings you joy or peace or fulfillment. Some listen to their favorite music; some take nature walks; some do an activity they are passionate about. It can be a time of self-investment to better yourself mentally, physically, or emotionally, whatever you feel compelled to do for your wellbeing. Invest an hour into yourself – You are the only you on this planet. Your unique gifts and talents are essential to having a successful life. When you are the best you, it makes the world a better place. It is amazing how refreshed you can feel when you spend a power hour on your wellbeing.




Always create goals.

As we know, we can’t get to where we are going without a roadmap to get there. Goal setting is vital to our success. It allows us to have a clear path to achieve our goals and dreams. It takes away the guessing game. Having a clear plan of action give us the confidence to walk the journey from confusion to clarity. Map out your goals and get an accountability partner to achieve them.

I challenge you to invest in yourself and get your life rebalanced. This way you can be the best you possible and shine brightly in this world, feeling confident and successful.


Comment below: How will you spend your first power hour?




About the author Jenny Baker

Jenny Baker has been a Successful Life Coach for over 20 years. She provides a fast track system to help businesswomen to live their best life by strategic goal mapping, outside the box brainstorming, accountability, and breakthrough sessions. Coming from the corporate world, as a previous COO, she knows the incredible impact of working with women on a personal and professional level. Enjoy her free gift today: 3 easy steps to Revamp your mind and gain Confidence, even if you have never had confidence. https://insightcoaching.kartra.com/page/acw10


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