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Lisa Crofton is a long time Intuitive Master Coach & Strategist specializing in Intuitive and Empathic Intelligence. After a life-changing illness forced her to reexamine the truths in her life, Lisa embraced her authentic intuitive nature and blossomed into the powerful coach and mentor she is today. Lisa works with organizations, individuals and groups guiding them to professional, personal and spiritual alignment. She is an expert on The Four Agreements, authored by Don Miguel Ruiz, both lecturing on the subject and coaching from its powerful foundation. Lisa is an avid writer having written professional greeting cards, a newspaper column, contributing author in the Amazon Best Seller ‘Essential Healing for Spirit and Soul’ and is currently working on her own book called ‘Courage to Disappoint: The Art of Being YourSELF’.

-Lisa Crofton

Intuitive Master Coach & Strategist

Lisa's Latest Blog Posts

The Season of Newness is Yours

Spring is an example of all we can be, all we are and all we can overcome.

Your Energetic Focus is Magnetic…and Very Telling

The level of your energetic vibration carves the path of your existence. Positive and negative perspectives matter in the grand scheme of things. Focus is everything!

Take Your Life Off the Back Burner

Obligation, misdirected sense of worthiness or reward should not be the reason you put your own life on the wait list. Your life deserves the big burner.

Your Inner Voice is Your Best Stress Buster

Time to start engaging with your inner being.  Stop focusing outside yourself. You’re paying too much attention to opinions, judgments and activity of others. Now would be a good time to reverse your attention back to yourself.  

Are You an Empathic Light in the World?

Navigating a life that feels contented, satisfied and purposeful takes a set of life skills many work their whole lives to master.  But you are lucky, as a sensitive soul you can take your ‘built-in’ expertise and use it toward an easy navigation.  Expanded thinking, spiritual understanding, an open heart and a willingness to question the status quo will bring you closer to living a serene, aligned, magical existence.

The One Belief Worth Its Weight in Gold

Your belief systems are the spark plugs that run your emotional and physical vehicle. There are intuitive experts that look under your hood and help you make the necessary mechanical adjustments toward a peaceful, contented life.

Are You Using Your Most Impressive Intelligence?

The dictionary describes intuition this way: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning or a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.
Truth is, intuition is as natural as the hair on your head but, because historically humans have shunned anything they cannot see, hear, feel, taste or touch, little credibility has been given to intuitive prowess.

Turn the Volume Down on Fear

Time to tell FEAR to take a back seat! You can notice its voice but do your best to ignore it…with persistence. It’s amazing what you can do when you feel but ignore your fear. Just pay attention to what fear is telling you and get real, get logical, get forceful and tell it ‘it’s wrong’!


Intuitive Awareness Assessment 

Are you living or working to your highest potential? Reaching our highest potential in every area of our lives results in success, abundance and limitless fulfillment! To reach this level of success in life we must follow our most innate knowing: our Intuitive Intelligence. But to tap into this infallible resource we must be aware of what blocks it.
This Complimentary Assessment is a great place to begin!

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