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Welcome to Oh My Health There Is Hope. I’m Jana Short your host, founder of best holistic life and health influencers mastermind. I’m also a wellness coach and NLP practitioner. I’ll be talking to fellow health experts major influencers and extraordinary people to discuss holistic health, wellness and sharing their incredible stories of hope with you.

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Interview with


Janine Wirth


In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Janine Wirth aka ‘the trauma whisperer’ is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach specializing in helping women heal from unresolved trauma and emotional baggage without spending years in therapy. Born and raised in South Africa, she runs her global virtual practice from Germany combining therapy and coaching to help women all over the world heal so that they can create the lives and businesses they’ve always dreamed of. She created 2 signature programs ‘Banish Binge Eating’ and the Pain to Purpose Academy which is a 6 month fully immersive coaching experience, as well as writing a monthly advice column called ‘Ask Janine for the female CEO magazine. In her free time, she’s either traveling or cooking up a storm for her husband and 3 children.


Season 1 | Episode 58

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Episode 47: Wendy Gihula: The Power Of Kindness

 In this episode, Jana and Wendy discuss: Wendy’s own story of hope and the unassuming question from a student that reawakened her dream of writing. How Wendy giving herself permission to be rejected opened the door to sharing her stories that have impacted so many....

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