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Are you struggling to get your message out? It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if no one knows who you are. One of the best ways to open the door to limitless possibilities is by being featured in a magazine. Unfortunately, the constant issue people come up against is having only local exposure. Luckily, with the Best Holistic Life Magazine, you get the best of both worlds and expand your reach both globally and locally! Ready to See the Difference?

Ways To Be Featured

Single Page Feature

Looking to test the waters? A great way to generate interest and start to build up excitement about a coming event is with a single page feature. Single pages are a great way to introduce yourself or product highlight. Here is what comes with a single page feature:

  • 150 words
  • 2 Photos Max
  • Up to 2-links
  • 1 signature or logo featured

All for the low price of $250


Two Page Feature

Ready to boost your exposure, sales, and creditability? The best way to do just that is with a two-page feature. Two-page features are perfect for educating your audience on your brand, product, or services. This amazing offer comes with:

  • 500 words
  • 4 Photos Max Feature
  • Up to 2-links
  • 1 signature or logo featured
  • Social Media Links

All for the low price of $500 

Cover Feature

Are you looking to blow up your business? We all know that being on the cover of a magazine can be a total game-changer for our business. It is a guaranteed way to boost your business and get your message out. Most people use the cover to introduce themselves while also promoting a program or product. What will you do with yours? Keep in mind there is only one per issue! Here is a list of everything it comes with:

  • 800 words
  • Short Bio
  • 4-Page Cover Feature
  • 6 Photos Max Feature
  • Up to 5-links
  • 1 signature and logo featured
  • Social Media Links

All for the low price of $3000 *Next available Cover is Summer 2021

Media Package

Are you looking to maximize your business exposure on all fronts? What better way to do just that than with our media package that will get you seen to over 300k followers! It comes with the following:

  • A 2-Page Feature (see above for more details) to over 170k current subscribers 
  • Podcast VIP which pushes your episode to air within two weeks after recording jumping the 6-month waitlist with over 20k downloads a month
  • Social media blast posts to over 300k followers!

All for the low price of $800 

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