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I'm Jana Short, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of Health Influencers Mastermind and creator of Best Holistic Life. I created all of this to fill a need for my clients to connect with and receive real expert advice from Major Influencers and Health Experts. If this is something that speaks to you, I would love to extend an invitation to have you join us at this quarter Health Influencers Mastermind, free! You get to meet and mingle and get to know the experts. Find solutions, and create health. Join her Facebook Group and visit her website.

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Collaboration Over Competition

Health Influencers 

Jana is a NLP Practitioner and Wellness Coach, the founder of Health Influencers Mastermind, connecting real experts and major health influencers who offer their services online with their dream clients. She also offers them a platform to extend coaches' reach and share their expertise, through speaking engagements, book collaborating, podcasts, magazine spots, and contribution space in Best Holistic Life editorial blogging site.

Founder of “Oh, My Health…There Is Hope!” Podcast

Not only does Jana have an amazing story of hope herself, but her podcast “Oh, My Health…There Is Hope!” features fellow entrepreneurs who also have an amazing story of hope. Each week she releases a new episode at 9am PST. 

Don't miss out on the incredible stories of hope and inspiration, click below to listen to the podcast! 

As a Best Holistic Life Expert Blogger, I’ve discovered Jana Lee Short’s guidance and attention to be, bar none, the best among best. As a Master Coach and Life Mentor for many years, I’ve experienced numerous marketing and social media classes. I have a marketing background myself but when it comes to concise, powerful, impactful tools, Jana knows what she is doing. She is, all at once, inspiration, encouraging, and professional. Her attention to detail regarding branding, promotion and story-telling in the online market is exactly what you need if you plan to stand out in your industry. Thank You Jana!

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