How long have you been trying to have a baby? How long have you been longing and wishing you would just get pregnant already? How many times have you prayed about it? How desperate have you felt? So many women come to me not being able to conceive. They have been to doctors and been told there is nothing wrong with them. They have been told to just keep trying, it will happen. They have been told to put it in Gods hands.

Many times you are doing all the right things. You are eating the right foods and sleeping and stressing less however you haven’t shifted your mindset. Have you taken time to explore how you feel about pregnancy? Do you have any doubts about your ability to conceive? Do you trust your body?

Have you really gotten down to the core of WHY you want to be a mom?

What will having that do for you? How will your life change and the others around you change when you finally become a mom?

Sometimes we want something SO bad that we create blocks in our body that we don’t realize we are creating. We are all these balls of energy. Is your energy moving from a place of desperation and distress? Are you operating at a low frequency? How do you feel about childbirth and your ability to carry a baby?

Getting to your Why will unlock blocks you didn’t know you had and will open the pathways for you to be able to conceive.

An exercise I love to have my clients do when trying to get to the bottom of and define their why is to ask yourself these simple yet powerful questions, Why do you want to be a mom? When you get that answer ask yourself why that, keep asking why until you get to the root of your why. At first it will feel uncomfortable but keep going until you land on the deepest version of your why.

Once you get to your why lets anchor it. An anchor is something physical in your external in your environment that will remind you of your why every time you see it. A picture of your future baby, your wedding ring, a body part. Anything that will remind you of why you want to be a mom.

Now that you have your why and you have anchored it you can begin the HOW’s! Want to know the HOW read my article here.

You got this mama. Let’s shift your mindset, nourish your body and create a kick ass life that includes the baby you so desire.

Love and health,
Coach Kela


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Kela Smith

Kela is has been a health and wellness industry for over 20 years and is a certified health and wellness coach. With an extensive background as a professional fitness trainer, wellness educator and self-proclaimed nutrition nerd, Kela has combined all of her passions into a business as a holistic health and wellness coach. Kela’s coaching techniques are tailored toward women struggling with infertility issues and hormone imbalance as well as women struggling to lose weight. As a mom of two little boys herself, Kela struggled with infertility and hormone imbalance for many years. Determined to find a better and more efficient way for women to overcome these hurdles with out drugs or invasive procedures, she now specializes in just that! “My coaching goes well beyond the title of being a “health and wellness coach”. I help my clients conceive a healthy baby by teaching them how to use whole food as medicine to heal their bodies, how much exercise they need, how to cut stress from their lives and how to limit their exposure to chemicals in their environment. Are you ready to see what Coach Kela can do for you? Let’s get started! Visit her website at to receive your free, The hormone puzzle - A recipe guide to decoding hormones and infertility naturally.
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