This entire list of 9 actually came about not too long ago after being hit on the head hard with #4. I’ve talked a lot about these things separately, but really bringing them all together to unleash my own and my clients’ inner superhero has been a reflective and exciting experience.

Every pivotal moment in my life up until now has come with a lot of discomfort – anyone else feel me? These mindset shifts that I want to share with you today are lessons I have learned through discomfort or have really understood their power during a time of discomfort. As I always say and really believe, you’re never truly living until you get out of your comfort zone. That space of feeling uncomfortable forces you to slow down, be present and be super aware of the next step.

These are the 9 mindset shifts that totally changed my health, life & business:


Your Purpose is Powerful and Dynamic: We were born with some powerful gifts to bring to the world. Yup, every single one of us. It was so liberating for me when I realized that I wasn’t “stuck with my purpose forever” so-to-speak. My purpose and what sets my soul on fire now can evolve and change just as I am…and that’s okay.

You’re Responsible for the Energy You Bring into the World: What you put out you ALWAYS get back. The ownership part is scary because then there’s no one to point the finger of blame at. If you keep finding yourself in situations you’re not excited about, work on not attracting them.

It’s Not About Knowing Everything, it’s About Believing in Your Ability to Figure it Out: I heard this one from one of my favorite authors/podcasters, Brendon Burchard, and it completely changed my life. Waiting until you “know everything” to get started or having the confidence to get started will leave you stagnant and critical. My dad always told me, “Lunden, find a way!” You’ll never know everything, but you can always find a way to take that next step.

You’re Perspective Can be Your Power or Your Prison: Thank you, Trent Shelton, for hitting me over the head with this one. Are you building your own prison bar by bar with the stories you are telling yourself? Your perspective is everything and you have to own it! Bobby in my favorite show, Queer Eye, said in one of the episodes, “If you’re feeling buried, you’re really just planted.” You can choose to be buried or planted, to be the victor or the victim.

Most Important Words: My dad is definitely the most influential person in my life and he would always ask me from such a young age, “Lunden, what are the 5 most important words?” Surround yourself with good people. I saw an amazing meme with a quote from the late rapper Nipsey Hustle, “If you look at the people in your circle and don’t get inspired, you don’t have a circle you have a cage.” Do you have a circle or do you have a cage? Be honest, no pointing fingers. Own it!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help: Seriously, I have wasted so much time throughout my life by not asking for help. One time I even built a ramp using wood from my neighbor’s garbage so I could slide my couch down the stairs and into a moving van without having to ask someone to help me move it. To circle back to #3, believing in your ability to figure it out can and should involve asking others for help. To up-level, you have to ask for help! (FYI this is the hardest one for me).

If You Constantly Find that You’re the Smartest Person in the Room, You’re in the Wrong Room: Start actively seeking to be in the same room as those who totally inspire you. Hire a coach, invest in yourself so you can keep learning and keep growing. Yes, there are times when I am giving a presentation or coaching a client and I am feeling extra smart and on my A-game — but getting uncomfortable on a regular basis and being around others who can help shift your perspective and give you advice is THE KEY to upleveling in any area of your life.

That Space Between Stimulus and Response is GOLDEN and in YOUR Control: Give yourself time to respond. You don’t have to immediately react when someone asks you a question, sends you a text message or an email (in most cases, unless it’s urgent). Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself in reaction mode, gave an answer you’re not proud of only to wish you would have thought it through a bit more. ME!!! Slow down and think it through…you’re allowed to.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy: With constant access to social media, this is probably the toughest one out of all of them. We are constantly comparing our lives to the lives of others and wishing, wanting, desiring and beating ourselves up when we think we don’t measure up. Where you are is where you’re supposed to be. You are here for a particular purpose (circling back up to #1), so stop comparing yourself to others who are here for a completely different one!

Find the small joys in YOUR life that make YOU happy.


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