I recently had someone tell me I was blocking money because I refused an affiliate fee. BLOCKING MONEY? Are you crazy? Who would block receiving money, right?

I pretty much had written that statement off as one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Then I start thinking of all the stories, myths, and ideas we are told about money throughout our lives.

Money is the route of all evil
Money doesn’t grow on trees
Rich people are crooks
If you make more than your spouse, they will leave you
Rich kids are spoiled
I am killing myself at work to pay for all your extras
You are ungrateful for asking for more

Do any of those sound familiar? As a child, what kind of story do you think you created around asking for money or making money? You don’t want to be evil or a crook, and you don’t want a loved one to be insecure and leave you. You definitely don’t want to be greedy or have others think you are a spoiled brat.

I was raised by a single mom, and her story to me was if I asked for more or asked for what I truly wanted, it was greedy, and I would be putting a hardship on her. I’m also the girl who’s mother told her I would never find a man or make him happy if I was more educated, successful, or wealthier. A man isn’t used to that, and we would always fight over it.

Myths, right? It turns out all of her daughters became educated and in most cases, more successful than their counterparts. I couldn’t help but wonder what we could have accomplished had those statements been reframed early on, and our relationship with money and self-value were different?

What if we told that small child inside us that is blocking us from receiving and asking for our worth. “You are worthy; the more you make, the more you can change the world?” “You are enough in any relationship you are in; no matter how much or how little you make, it should have absolutely no barring on your love.” “You can ask for anything you want; it isn’t greedy of you; its what you are aspiring for.” “Money isn’t the route of all evil; it’s a tool to help better serve the world.”

How incredible do you think that would be, merely going back and reframing those thoughts? It is that easy to do; you can go back to when that thought was said to you during your development in life wherever that is in your timeline and reframe it. You can make incredible breakthroughs in success, wealth, love, and health by simply reframing your thought about what you’ve been told or heard.

To reframe is simply to change the frame of reference, or change the “lens” through which you “view” your unquestioned beliefs about money matters.

In other words, to adopt a positive perspective about money instead of a negative one. Seriously it is that easy!





An exercise you can do is take some of the common phrases you hear about money and think of the exact opposite! Change those sayings around in your head, put a positive spin on them, then say them out loud;

Money is the route of all good!
Money comes so quickly it’s like it grows on trees
Rich people are generous
If you make more than your spouse, life has unlimited possibilities
Rich kids are generous, and smart about money
Its such a joy providing for my family
When you ask for what you want, you are a lean mean manifesting machine!

Keep reframing your idea’s of money and watch your potential explode! The reason this was so enlightening to me was the experts, coaches, and influencers I work with. I have the privilege to work with the most incredible experts; they have to be incredible for me to take them on as clients because I am creating global influencers. When I go over their program costs, I am blown away at the push back I get. “I am not sure what I am worth?” from a leading expert in her field. “I am afraid to charge that” from yet another expert losing money left and right undercharging her value and barely covering her costs.

You are leading experts in your field, and as a leading expert in mine, I completely understand what you are going through. When we work with clients, it is a give and takes, right? We give them the skill sets we have to help move them from point A to B, from where they are to where they want to be. For us to offer this, we went and paid for school; no one at the school said: “oh, I’m afraid to charge that much for your degree or certification.” We told them what we wanted, and they gave us the bill for it.



You will increase your client’s success rate when you allow them to invest in themselves while paying for your expertise. I had a fantastic expert, speaker, best selling author ask me once. “Why do so many people pay for my course and stop showing up halfway through, is it too long of a course?” I looked at her six-week course and her registration cost. She was charging $197 for a six-week course! She had a tremendous success rate and always filled her classes, even had a waiting list at times, but only 65% of her class completed the program.

She wasn’t charging enough; her client didn’t have a significant enough investment in themselves to follow through. It was easy just to quit and walk away from $197 investment and make all the excuses in the world why it didn’t work for them. After we took a good look at her course and it’s value to her clients, she raised her prices to $1,197, and not only does she still have a waiting list, she has a 97% course completion rate now.

Why do people strive to get into Havard, Yale, USC, Princeton, when the degrees are basically all the same. If you are an internist or a lawyer, you can still practice and become very successful, so why pay so much more for your degree? Because they want the best for themselves, and they should want the best for themselves.

Here are a couple of statistics that will blow you away. You are one of 2.62 BILLION social media users. Out of that, less than 4% is what people would consider a significant influencer. How do you compete with so many experts in the health and wellness field online?

Reframe your thoughts around money
Offer incredible services
Stop selling online, and above all, remember the power of Human Connection!

People will pay your worth when you’ve convinced them of your skills, and that you offer REAL RESULTS!


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