Hello and Welcome my friend!

If you’re reading this it’s because you are about to start something. It’s because you are at the very beginning of the next step in your life. Every beginning MUST start with a foundation. And I believe this is THE foundation for everything you want to do. Are you ready for it?


But First, I want to ask of you, don’t just read these words. Really take a minute or 5 to digest them. Then, I want to challenge you to revisit them throughout your day. Take a screenshot. Write it on a post-it note. Write it on your hand if you must. Whatever will make it super easy for you to come back to them to refresh your memory.

Here goes……

You, my friend, Are 100% loveable.
Right here. Right now.
No matter your past, no matter your future. No matter your present.

There is no amount of fixing or striving that can change how loveable you are.
There is absolutely nothing that can or will change that. You are because you are here. You are because you were created and placed on this Earth.

If someone hasn’t loved you well, it has absolutely nothing to do with you.
It’s because their ability to love was limited. It had nothing to do with you.

Now, you should fix messy places and strive for your future, but not in effort to become more loveable and not to manipulate others into loving you. But to see what you are made for, what you are capable of. When you do things from this place it makes all the difference in the world. They become more sustainable. More meaningful.

This really is the foundation for everything.

To take it a step further would be to recognize that the exact same is true for all the other people in this world. They are 100% lovable because they are here on this Earth. Your ability to love is what will determine how much you love them. When you can and are willing to love others with outputting a single condition on your love for them, then you allow yourself to feel and display an abundance of love. And when you love from this place you would be amazed at how your life can change. Then you allow others to be exactly who they are. You give them permission to grow into their best version of themselves.

And love always begets more love. Always.

But how you ask? How do I come to terms with how loveable I am? And how do I love others unconditionally when they, well, when they are the way they are?

I hear you. And this is how you do it. You develop your emotional skills.
There are 5 of them. If you want to know what the 5 skills are and how you can develop them email me real quick at [email protected] and I will them to you right away. Just put “5 skills please” in the subject line. Go on, go do it really quick. You want to set the best foundation for everything that is ahead for you. It will make all the difference.

Love you madly.

P.S. If you are interested in going beyond just knowing what the 5 skills are and how to love yourself and other 100%, if you want to apply this concept to your life, let’s talk. Email me at [email protected] to schedule a time. Your future self will thank you.

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