• 1 cup unsweetened, plain almond milk (or any non-dairy milk such as cashew, rice, oat)
• 1 cup frozen purple sweet potato (or orange or white sweet potato if you don’t care about the color of your smoothie)
• ½ cup frozen spinach
• 1/2 cup frozen riced cauliflower
• 1 cup ice cubes (or more for a frostier smoothie)
• 2 tablespoons raw almond butter
• 3 pitted dates (you can soak these in advance if you have time)
• 1 scoop Nutribiotic rice protein or protein powder of choice
• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean powder (or 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
• 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. You may want to put the dates at the bottom to ensure they get blended in well. Taste and add more dates for sweetness if desired. You may also want to add more cinnamon or vanilla for added flavor. I like to add extra ice for a frostier smoothie.

Foods rich in Vitamin B6 such as sweet potatoes and bananas are important for hormone regulation and regularity of menstrual cycles. Research has also shown that a deficiency in Vitamin A can lead to secondary infertility in women of childbearing age. Sweet potatoes also contain a healthy dose of iron (47g), which is a crucial mineral in promoting fertility in women of childbearing age. Enjoy this smoothie today.

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Love and health,
Coach Kela

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