Where you allow your attention to spend time is how you view the world and the roots of your life’s creation. Do you lean toward the negative or do you stretch toward the positive aspects of life?

What you primarily find yourself focusing on during the course of your day is your energetic GPS. So which is it; dramatic displays of suffering and misery or peaceful, beautiful displays of calm?

Does your attention get pulled more toward the beauty of nature, volunteering in service, music, loving acts of kindness, finding time for physical pursuits to feel your physical body at work, looking for laughter, feeling the sun, water and air anytime you can, appreciating true friendship, connecting with animals, learning about natural healing, or being mindful?

Or…do you find your attention being drawn more toward annoyances, daily news stories, people’s business, the ugliness of politics, animal abuse, financial woes, bad drivers, reality shows? What attracts your attention attracts your state of being. What attracts your state of being attracts your circumstances.

You have the absolute power to create the world you exist in. You have the absolute power to create ease, freedom, joy and abundance despite the circumstances you currently find yourself in.  Using the excuse that ‘it isn’t practical’ to ignore what’s going on in your world and the world around you is like continuing to pick at a scab when simply allowing it to heal on its own will do.  Picking at the scab delays the healing and leaves a scar. Observing and attending briefly to the scab while allowing its healing to innately run its course will afford your attention to go elsewhere and the scar to disappear fully.

The trick is to laser in on the general shape and form of a desired circumstance while taking your attention away from why you don’t want it. Let the resistance be brief, focus instead on the joy of the solution.

There is an aligned solution for every struggle UNLESS you choose resistance.  If you are focusing negative energy toward others, situations and circumstances and reveling in the misery of others via the media, you energetically assist in making problems grow.

Instead, if you decided to take your attention away from negative dramas and focus on positive aspects without ‘what ifs’, you would effectively eliminate the uphill battle of collective negativity.  You would enjoy your time with family, heartfelt pursuits and making the world a better place from your own corner of the world.

Gossiping, feeding into bad news, becoming strongly opinionated for or against something, being argumentative, or hard on yourself all serve to push you farther away from the grace in life that can be yours. Focusing toward things outside yourself serves as an unnecessary distraction from what really needs attention: the heart of you.

Ignorance really can be bliss.  Do you really need to know everything that goes wrong everywhere around the globe?  Is it truly important for you to know everyone’s business on Facebook and Twitter?  How many shows about murder, heartbreak and betrayal are necessary to process on a daily basis before you are convinced no one is trustworthy?  How is it working out for you to focus on your personal missteps or mistakes?

How would life be instead if you were only exposed to uplifting stories of compassion and caring…and were only made aware of catastrophic things when you truly needed to know for your own safety and concern.

Yikes! Filling your consciousness with only the positive aspects of society could result in a global view change of ourselves as a people; we might see ourselves very differently as a human race; capable of amazing acts of openness and love on a regular basis and create a new human behavioral expectation.

Imagine living in constant positivity (tolerant, loving, giving, compassionate)  as part of your own everyday existence and when you notice someone else not doing so…your first instinct would be to help them discover the light instead of joining them in the dark.

Think what an extraordinary home our planet would be then.  But everything starts with your own frequency regarding life…you’ll need to examine your own vibrational output…are you focusing on the good or do you have a stranglehold on the negative?  Start by asking yourself that very simple question…

It’s been said many times by those teaching the benefits of living a more spiritually aligned life: start with gratitude.  I say, ‘start with appreciation’.  The difference between the two is the foundation of the feeling.  Being grateful often comes happens when you feel you’ve been gifted from ‘lack’.  Being appreciative, on the other hand, comes from a joyful starting approach.  Both are wonderful ways to look at the world, one just holds a higher vibration.

Managing a positive energetic focus starts with appreciation for the simple things; for instance, appreciating having another day to share with those you love.  Positive energy is simply a matter of appreciative perspective…just put your blissful glasses on at the start of the day, tune out media interpretation of the world, refrain from negative interaction, stand tall in the forest of light and go!

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