So you have a Chronic Illness or uncontrollable chronic symptoms! You may or may not know how to control your disease in the privacy of your own home (that’s another blog), however it is private and you know what to expect! What about those times you decide to hang out with friends, go on a vacation or have an obligation for work? You came out to have a good time or you have a work event and now you have nausea, uncontrollable pain, and/or another uninvited symptom…. Now What?!!! Now you feel GUILTY that you have to change the plan, stop the fun for a bit or lye down. You are the center of attention and you don’t want to be there.

Now you’re saying SORRY for things out of your control. You generally think of yourself as a confident person but this illness came, took over and now has you asking for forgiveness.

You should not be Sorry… This is part of you now and you have done nothing wrong. No one should need you to apologize. You are you with a chronic Illness and now you need the tools to support YOU!

Try this explanation, “My body has other plans tonight, give me a minute to see if I can talk it down or need to have a rain check on the night.” Continue to be that confident person or take the steps to work toward that. It is a journey, a new mindset and there are people that are here to support you!

Now lets talk that body down!

3 Ways to Combat Self Guilt and
Take Control During Times Your Body Looses It

1. Breath – Simple but mind altering. You don’t have to sit in a corner and take deep breaths.

    • Just be conscious of your breathing
    • Take a deep enough breath to feel it in your belly.
    • Breath out slowly.
    • Repeat…Repeat……..Repeat.
    • Now your heart rate is slower, your mind is more In-tune and rational.

2. Self-Talk/Forgive yourself - In your head, no one needs to hear….

“I have a plan, no one here may understand and that’s okay… I know me and I know what to do.”

3. The PLAN – Have a small bag you can carry in a purse or have in the glove box of the car.

Have all the necessities to rid the symptoms or help you cope with the time you have them.

    • Essential Oils – an emotional oil as well as a pain control oil. (apply and apply again if needed). I know in times like these having control of the pain, nausea or emotion with something as powerful but as simple as an essential oil is one step closer to riding the quilt and controlling your environment.
    • Ibuprofen – Natural is better but I know that a migraine can go in the wrong direction fast in certain environments.
    • Medication – depending on your particular disease or chronic symptoms.
    • Hydrate – Always keep water with you.
    • Nutrition – Nuts, dried fruit anything healthy and fast.

Use these tools simultaneously.  Grab your bag, give your self a pep talk and breath in those essential oils!  Share in the comments below something you would carry in your Plan Bag. 


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