Life as a sensitive soul is special…if you see it that way.  Sensitive souls lead with their hearts, connect deeply to energy, nature, and others.  You feel a resounding sadness about world chaos or societal unfairness.  And…you often feel out of place…go figure. You might be an Empath.

You may often feel confused about the sudden emotional turmoil you are feeling when it comes out of nowhere…that’s because it’s usually someone else’s.  That is the ‘sponge’ effect. Gotta learn to squeeze it all out buttercup if you are gonna live happily ever after.

As a child, you might have been labeled too sensitive if you cried often, reacted emotionally to situations or people and if you used your imagination in lieu of logic.  As an adult who might display the same degree of sensitivity, you are often labeled melodramatic or a victim of your own imagination.



Navigating a life that feels contented, satisfied and purposeful takes a set of life skills many works their whole lives to master.  But you are lucky, as a sensitive soul, you can take your ‘built-in’ expertise and use it toward easy navigation.  Expanded thinking, spiritual understanding, an open heart and a willingness to question the status quo will bring you closer to living a serene, aligned, magical existence.

All that magic is kicked up a notch when, in addition to being highly intuitive, you are also an Empath. When you learn to exercise your sensitivity as an expert skill, you start making a difference in the world; intuitive or empathic, one thing is for certain: you are a brilliant light-worker.

Sure, it’s pretty cool to ‘know’ something without actually knowing how you know.  It’s exciting to see things before they happen.  It’s amazing to experience something so deeply there can be no doubt as to what it means.  But, it helps to recognize not everyone experiences life this way.

There are clear signs that you walk the land as an Empath…and if you understand these are your innate traits, you won’t doubt them, excuse them or change them.



  • You’ve always felt different but aren’t sure why; maybe even wondered why you can’t be like everyone else. But you don’t really want to.
  • You can’t tell when your feelings are yours or someone else’s. This is confusing.
  • You navigate the world by energy while logic, analysis, and overthinking take back seat. Others will NOT understand this.
  • You feel as though you are looking at everything and everyone from the ‘outside-in’. That’s because you are supposed to.
  • Your perception of people and things rise beyond the surface or superficial…A useful thing.
  • You lose clarity when things get too noisy, busy or crowded. Remove yourself.
  • You are hypersensitive to sound, smell, nuances or taste; your level of discomfort is high.
  • Your body rejects medicines, alcohols, and other foreign substances…go natural.
  • You are deeply drawn to fix, change, heal or help others, even at your own expense…you can’t, so don’t.
  • Your energy changes on a dime according to the space you’re in, the people you are with, or astrological changes. You are plugged into a higher influence.
  • Your heightened emotional sense inspires you to: seek greater personal and universal understanding, change the world, or follow your own spiritual journey. Go for it!
  • Your ears ring frequently and it’s not Meniere’s disease. It’s a fabulous download…wait…for…it.
  • You NEED to feel the sun on your skin, the earth in your hands and the wind on your face. You are part of all-that-is.
  • You recognize yourself as a divine being in a physical body. This changes everything.
  • You realize nature is your master teacher. Spend time outside.
  • You become anxious often and sometimes don’t know why. You’re in good company.
  • You dream vividly and sometimes your dreams foretell the future. If they’re good, ask for more.  If they’re not, ask it to stop.
  • You are prone to weight gain, allergies and/or food sensitivities. Your body is protecting you.
  • You arrange a room, interact with others, sit or stand in a particular place because the response to energy dictates you do so. Feng Shui at its finest.



Yes, my fellow Empath…your journey is spectacular.  A life of ease if you allow it.

  • You ‘hear’ beyond words.
  • You ‘see’ beyond sight.
  • You ‘feel’ beyond touch.
  • You ‘understand’ beyond knowing.

You, my friend, are a spectacular light in the world with seriously cool features.  Embrace them.

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