If a loved one passed away and you feel hopeless, there’s a way that you can get in contact with them. Jana and Mark talk about the infinite possibilities that exist to energetically communicate with spirits through Mediums. Learn more about the afterlife in this week’s episode.


 “I realized why I’m here: to help people understand that god exists, that afterlife exists.”


Jana and Mark talk about:

  • How the body transforms into energy
  • The importance of living a spiritual life
  • Connecting with the interdimensional world through a Medium
  • After the medium reading there’s an important moment called unfolding
  • How you can live a better and simpler life through spirituality


Mark explains 3 types of mediums:

  • Physical medium: receives information through their body
  • Channeler: the spirit speaks through all the senses
  • Metal medium: the spirit transmit information through their brain




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