Our lives are filled with routines, many of which lack excitement. The humdrum moments of each day tire out the strongest of people. Anyone can feel bogged down by the responsibilities confronted on a daily basis. If not careful, the pressures that derive from juggling work, relationships, family and personal matters is enough to cause our health to deteriorate. Mental and physical effects are not always visible to others but our bodies release signals that indicate trouble ahead. Before you know it, life is turned upside down, as you go down the rabbit hole proving difficult to crawl out of after an extended period of time.

We are mostly creatures of habit that wake up each day to do what is expected of us. It can be easy to fall into a rut. We lose drive or zest for life as we get comfortable in our ways. The mouse-on-the-wheel act becomes a comfort zone of sorts, hindering us from living to the fullest of our capability. It’s a trap that can lock anyone out of their motivation to do something different. This common state of inertia forces many men and women to accept the inevitable. The sequence of a pattern of events that shape our lives. Periodically, taking away the desire to try a little harder to step it up.




We’ve all experienced some type of rut, it’s not that hard to fall victim to one, as life has its redundancies. But we have the power to do something about the slowdown, effectively removing ourselves from this grove?

Call to Action: If you are unhappy in your life – take action. Small changes over time result in big upgrades as a whole. If you think you are stuck and want out then decide on your first move towards acquiring the desired position.

Change Brings Discomfort but Gives Growth: Remove yourself from the comfort zone. Try a new or different activity that is unfamiliar. It can be a great way to expose yourself to the possibilities. Set boundaries to help you act within reason. Begin with a small modification that may ignite a meaningful fire within.

Let Go of Fear: The simplest term, yet, one of the toughest things to do is let go of what we fear. Failure, embarrassment, and falling short on the way to goal city are terrorizing. Guess what? If often takes a few attempts, mistakes or blowups to get it right. There are no guarantees as to what will work for us. Finding a balance between wants and needs can be excruciatingly painful, particularly when wanting to please everyone. The only way to our dreams is to stop being afraid of the outcome. Dare yourself, take a chance on one novel thing tomorrow.

Life is short and full of possibilities. Although it may seem we are bound to one lane, there are alternate routes available. The path is not perfect, life’s winding roads are tricky to maneuver. Generally, at a certain age, people settle into the norm. Remember, you have the power to get unstuck. It’s a matter of how much you’re willing to do to see the change materialize. Shake the tree of life a bit, watch what happens next.

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