Whom among us doesn’t want to save the world? Most of us grew up either watching super heros swoop in and save the day or with parents who knew we would help make this world a better place. Hell, if I am being honest, that is exactly how I taught my kids. One of the most important things I could have instilled in them is to always leave a person or place better than how you found them. As parents we want to not only create a better environment for our children to live in, we also want to make sure we are setting the right examples for them. I would be lying if I said I was the perfect parent, not even my amazing mother was, I love her more than anything and miss her everyday. But I can say that I have done the best that I could.

There is Strength in Numbers

There is this old joke about raising kids that it takes a village. I never realized how powerful working with others was until I applied it to my business. Looking back, it is something I definitely wish I had learned earlier in life. It seems so obvious now. There is a limit to how much we can do alone. But when we work together there is no limit to what we can achieve. Back in the day, we applied this tactic to cure polio and got our first taste of just how powerful collaboration can be. The program was called the march of dimes. Basically it boiled down to everyone giving a dime and it helped to fund the cure. Instead of a few people shouldering the burden of one large sum, by all of us spreading out it made the task seem so much more doable.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

When it comes to running a business it is a LOT of work. Unfortunately, the bulk of this work load ends up falling on the shoulders of the owner. For those of us business owners who are fortunate enough to have a team of employees there is a limit to how much even we can do with just our team. However, when we combine our strengths with other like minded individuals we not only lighten the load we dramatically increase our exposure. Collaboration has become more and more popular and with good reason. The mass majority of businesses are run online or contain an online component as a result the internet has become saturated with options.

Save Time on Content Creation

One of the easiest ways to push your company to the top of the SEO list is by creating tons of content. Creating content is easily one of the most time consuming things we do. In fact, the mass majority of us will spend more time on creating new content for our business than any other category within our field. This includes spending time with clients both potential and active! Due to the fact that content serves multiple purposes its development is critical for our businesses success. Do you want to know the fastest way to produce even more content and connect with even more clients that are in your target demographic? Collaboration! That is right, it is just that easy.

Make New Connections

There are tons of ways you can reach out to other experts within your field and make some serious connections. One of my personal favorite ways to connect with other experts is through my social media. I will be honest, I use one platform more than the others for this purpose. But in my defense this social media platform was designed for this purpose, I use Linked in to connect with other experts in my field. Whenever I find another expert who has the same values and vision that I do I reach out to them about possible collaboration. You don’t have to commit right away, just like with dating you should take your time and see if the two of you are a good fit. There are a few things I like to keep in mind when I am picking an expert to collaborate with:

  • Do they have the same or similar values as my company?
  • Is their target demographic the same as mine? Or is it close?
  • Do they offer something that can benefit my audience?
  • What can I bring that will benefit them?

Stay in Your Lane

Now, I am sure you could break it down even further. However, I believe that as long as we are both bringing something to the table that provides a benefit to either each other’s businesses or our followers it falls in the win column. Here is the best part, you get to decide on how much you choose to work together. Perhaps you only want to do a quick live together to generate buzz. Or one of my personal favorites coming on as a guest for each other’s podcasts. No matter how you slice it you have created even more content, made an amazing connection, and extended your social reach even further. I am such a firm believer in collaboration that I teach it as part of my coaching program. But I don’t just talk the talk, I do exactly what I teach my experts and results don’t lie!

Work Smarter Not Harder

If you want to see your numbers increase on more than just profits and followers you NEED to be collaborating. Of course there are things you can do to increase your success when you collaborate. But if I told you everything right now you would be less likely to use it. True story, studies have shown that on average we only retain about 25% of everything we read or see. Not to mention that the average blog reader skims the majority of the blog about 43%. It really wouldn’t help you in the long run. But you know what would? Getting bite size bits of information by following my blogs and social media. To be fair you would get the most bang for your buck by signing up for my online program. But seats fill up really fast so you would have to talk to me quickly to reserve a seat.

Are You Ready To Be An Influencer?

There are tons of ways to increase your exposure online and on the air. Don’t believe me? Be sure to subscribe to my next article that will break down even more ways to extend your reach. If you are a health and wellness expert looking for help to become the next major influencer in your field, I would love to hear from you. I offer an online course that can help you do just that. For more information, book a one-on-one consultation call with me. If you are the best at what you do and no one knows you exist, how many people can you help?

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