Confused about what to eat this season? Hopefully, by now you know all the benefits of eating seasonally. If not, be sure to catch up on how you can save green by eating seasonally here. Now that you have this new found knowledge how do you apply it? What are some of the foods I should eat in May and how can they help my health? Isn’t there an amazing (easy) recipe I can try using this seasonal food? You’re in luck because we have done all the work for you!

Get ready to find out why cherries are going to be your new best friend this month! Has your health been in the pits lately? We have all had ups and downs with our health. It is a constant effort to ensure we provide our bodies with the foods and nutrients they need to function at their highest levels. That is why we love cherries!

9 health benefits of cherries

Cherries are what we call heavy hitters. They can help aid your health in a number of ways. Cheering for cherries! Cherries have been shown to improve liver, kidney, and heart health and function. They are high in antioxidants which makes them amazing at rejuvenating the skin and slowing down the rampant signs of aging. Cherries are one of the only naturally occurring forms of melatonin in food, other foods need to be converted into melatonin, which makes them great for reducing stress and improving sleep. Not to mention they have anti-inflammatory properties which help with joint pain.

Cherries can also help boost your immune system, lower cholesterol levels, and aid in digestion. If that wasn’t enough, here is the big one if you are trying to lose those extra pounds, they promote weight loss! I know they are clearly, a superhero fruit that everyone should think about incorporating into their diet. Now I know what you are thinking. You are ready to start eating cherries by the bowl but are looking for a quick, easy, and healthy recipe to sell your family on the amazing cherry.

Have no fear Chocolate Cherry Nice Cream is here!

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