“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.” -George Michael


The decisions we make on a daily basis can involve a long drawn out production in our brain. Comparing the pros and cons while outlining a list of facts helps determine how to deliver the best outcome in a situation that is daunting at times. The action may build insurmountable stress connected to making certain choices. Although most of us handle the decisionmaking process in a logical and practical manner. From time to time, other factors can run interference with our thinking. Do you ever ask yourself, if intuition has ever played a role in a decision you’ve had to make?


It’s been said that “men and women are created equal” but how much of each gender trust intuition? Some say women’s intuition is a myth while others disagree. Either way, there is something to be said about how a woman’s inside voice affects her conclusions. This central sensor is the feeling that fuses many of us with the innermost parts of ourselves. Intuition is a strong hunch, often referred to as a gut feeling. It is a sensation that compels you to steer in a specific direction, despite not having actual evidence in plenty of cases.




In the absence of true reasoning, you find yourself holding a powerful feeling. A strikingly strong instinct, sometimes impossible to ignore. Science and logic-based thinking state that intuition, for the most part, is real. Psychologists explain that women are significantly more in touch with their emotions. Having the ability to be empathetic and read nonverbal cues may be the reason behind the intuition but it is not limited to females. Sex differences exist differentiating the use of this so-called “sixth sense, though it is essential to highlight that there are examples where men have been found to use the gift, too. Strong nonverbal communication skills can be found in some males promoting similar effects. This is a skill that can be improved by practice, implying it could be a learned talent. The research on the topic is limited, however, more attention is being placed on intuitive psychology. Hopefully, over time the use of this mental tool may aide others to make improved decisions under certain situations.


In the meantime, there are a few exercises you can try, if looking for ways to improve your own intuition or seek to strengthen it.


1. Solitude: Set aside time to be with your thoughts. It offers the opportunity to think about all the things you bury in your mind or block on a daily basis. Surprisingly, our thoughts do change when we are alone. There are thoughts we need to put on hold to function at work or at home. It is one of our defense mechanisms but can also hinder mental growth.
2. Trust the inner voice: Learning to listen to your gut, or intuition (however, you prefer to refer to it). This is an essential key that encourages better decisions overall. You are the one person that knows what is best for you. Why not listen to what your heart is telling you. It does not steer you wrong because it wants to see you reach greatness.
3. Quiet the external voices: The tricky part of understanding how intuition will work is having to learn to mute outside noise. The inability to do so may deceive you into making a choice that goes against your calling, causing you to betray yourself. Separating the brain from the gut is not an easy task. It can feel like it is you listening to the unconscious mind. Human beings are not trained to practice such an act, to the contrary, logic rules!


Whether or not you believe in intuition these are exercises that can assist you in obtaining a better sense of who you are and what you truly want for yourself. If you create techniques to make good choices for yourself, it can never be a bad thing.


Let me know what you think, would love to read your comments or questions.


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