My soul knows…so I listen…every chance I get.  I didn’t always listen closely enough or take heed but when I didn’t, I paid too high a price. Listening outside myself was like wearing the wrong size shoes; uncomfortable and painful.

Oh, I agree, it would be so easy to go along; my life would probably be easier in every respect: financially, socially, emotionally, even physically.  But it’s an extraordinary sense that directs my life; my soul sense that speaks loudest to me and always has…even when I didn’t really know what it was.

There were times early on in my life, I knew different, even when everyone else told me it was a certain way; my intuitive senses said something else unexplainably.  But I hadn’t learned to trust this yet, so it messed with me, but too many confirmed experiences later, I finally know the way.

The Deeper Meaning

Turns out, what I heard, felt and saw in my mind’s eye were not in my imagination.  The source was deeper and truer, so I began to relax and listen, and more importantly trust those urgent clear messages.

It’s not that I don’t get lost sometimes…I definitely do…but taking my place among the throng of sheep has never been my way.  I understand the attraction of staying with the herd but that’s where my emotional and spiritual claustrophobia sets in.  Just. Can’t. Do it.  Every fiber of my energetic being starts screaming at me that a bigger picture is being missed.  Soul clarity kicks in and my impulse to act takes over.

That impulse shows me a better way, a new idea, a new solution and then a way to share it with others who need it too.  I think it’s always been about perspective.

Looking At Things Differently

Perspective is creative. Looking at life from different angles, considering different realities, looking past the obvious for deeper meaning, accepting things we cannot see, hear or feel as possible create a magical life.  I know some would say, “that’s woo-woo thinking”.  So be it.

Let it be said; fear of what one cannot understand or will not allow always creates skepticism or disdain.  The soul voice leads to another path: the spiritual path. It’s not a blind faith kind-of-thing…it is rich in multi-dimensional personal experiences and allows for things not explainable. It moves beyond skepticism or conditioned behavior and rests itself on the back of unconditional acceptance and personal choice to exist in love.  My soul voice shares this with me.

My soulful inner being has always had my back. 

  • She tells me when to go and when to stay.
  • She tells me when I’ve had enough and when there is more to do.
  • She tells me who is being authentic and who is being less than trustworthy.
  • She reassures me that all is well even when it might not seem that way.
  • She is my direct pipeline to the divine wisdom that doesn’t come from books or gurus or family guidance; and she hands it directly to me (no middle-man) not only for my life but for others’ well being too.
  • She offers the one source of information I can tap into and rely on consistently.
  • She is my freedom from fear, worry and anxiety. Maybe not ordinary I know, but exactly the way I am comfortable.

Good News for You…

The great news is that anyone is capable of tapping into their own soul voice.  It’s all about personal awareness. In fact, it’s a must.  It comes down to a personal ‘trust consciousness’.  It happens when we grow tired of being in the herd…when we wake up to the fact that we don’t need to follow someone else’s voice or adhere to rules that don’t make personal sense.  Opening the channel to our divine connection leads to everything you will ever need to know for your earthly existence, contentment and freedom.

In the beginning, it’s scary, letting go of the collective rope and learning to trust the self but it’s where the gig is.  Too much time goes by in our lives where we allow other people’s opinions and decisions to form our direction.  When we go inward and open the soul pipeline, we no longer need outside interference…certainty sets in, peace follows and magic begins.

It’s the difference between receiving a bunch of gifts for your birthday you don’t really want or a collection of gift cards that allow you pick out your own.  You appreciate both but one of them guarantees satisfaction.  I know I’ll always prefer the gift cards.