Unresolved trauma and emotional baggage is holding you back without you even realizing it, find out more from “The Trauma Whisperer” Janine Wirth on this episode of “Oh, My Health…There Is Hope!”.

What is your story of hope? …

Born and raised in South Africa, she runs her global virtual practice from Germany combining therapy and coaching to help women all over the world heal so that they can create the lives and businesses they’ve always dreamed of. She created 2 signature programs ‘Banish Binge Eating’ and the Pain to Purpose Academy which is a 6 month fully immersive coaching experience, as well as writing a monthly advice column called ‘Ask Janine for the female CEO magazine.

How do you see the effects of trauma manifesting in your client’s lives?

Trauma affects every single part of your life. It affects the way you parent. It affects your relationships. It affects how you show up in your career. It affects how much success you will have in your life. So for me, it’s something, it’s not a, a nice to have trauma therapy is a must have, in my opinion.

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Janine Wirth and they discuss…

  • You went through a highly traumatic experience at 18 when you survived a hijacking, kidnapping and attempted rape at gunpoint. How much did that shape your life in respect to the work that you now do?
  • How do you see the effects of trauma manifesting in your client’s lives?
  • I’ve heard you talk about how women often downplay the trauma they have experienced. Is this something you hear a lot?
  • What could women start doing today to improve their quality of life?
  • Why do you love using hypnosis in your treatment plans?
    Tell us about the free gift you’re giving our audience.
    You created a free support group for women, why do you think it’s so important?
  • What is the biggest misconception about therapy?


Tune into this 38-minute episode + I speak to Janine Wirth + she shares her story of hope and how unresolved trauma and baggage could be holding you back! 

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