I sat at Thanksgiving with my family and as I reached for my second roll, my mom said “how can you feel good after eating that? Are you sure you want that?”

Wow. Ummmm….okay… I put down the roll. I felt ashamed, I felt too big and I was only 14. Years later after being on the cover of many magazines, and becoming a fitness model, I still got nervous about coming home not looking perfect. I always tried to lose a little bit of weight before I would go home for the summer.

Maybe it was just a quick visit but I always made sure I would tell my family “this was me fat.” I became obsessed with looking good and at 105 lbs I still didn’t think I looked good enough. When I got diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease 5 years later, I allowed myself to gain 25 lbs.

I learned so much through that weight gain. In the past, I had lost weight for the wrong reasons. I always did it to “look good” and not to “feel good” My body wasn’t producing because I kept feeding it negative thoughts. Our body hears everything. I had stopped eating and gained even more weight.

The real shift for me was when I decided I didn’t GIVE A DAMN about being the hottest. I gave a damn about loving ME as I went through my health issues and learned to heal the right way. Healing became my thought process. Our neurotransmitters hear everything the mind says and then gives it to our body to do something with it.

After my experience, I became a speaker and now I speak on weight loss the right way. Come join me if you’re struggling right now and this speaks to you!

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