Life is crazy and full and confusing and challenging, unpredictable and exhilarating. Into every life comes unexpected chaos, upset and challenge to set-in beliefs.  You can’t always fix, control or reverse the mess but you can develop a foolproof belief system.

Not feel equipped for the greatest challenges you face presents the difficulty.  During the times when you can’t make heads or tails of what’s happening in your life and no matter what you try it doesn’t seem to be working, it’s likely your beliefs are causing resistance. This is the time to ask for help.

But not all help is equal.  Reaching out to your mom may provide comfort but it doesn’t necessarily help you heal your wounds.  Complaining and sharing your issues with a friend might make you feel less alone, but it doesn’t help you get to the heart of the matter.  Putting your issue on social media may garner you lots of sympathy but it doesn’t help you find your way…in fact, it just tightens the issue around you like a slow squeezing noose or tethers you to your problem.

One Belief Adjustment for a Profound Shift

Your belief systems are the spark plugs that run your emotional and physical vehicle. There are intuitive experts that look under your emotional hood and help you make the necessary mechanical adjustments toward a peaceful, contented life.

Intuitive guides can help if your objective is to make a permanent shift from where you are now.   They have a powerful innate skill that allows them to ‘know’ you differently, and get to the heart of your belief system succinctly and wisely.  They do not rely on pharmaceuticals, personality tests, assessments, behavior modification or check lists. Intuitively based professionals rely on your truth.

Intuitive Guides are most interested in:

  • what’s influenced your beliefs,
  • how they are influencing you today and
  • what is behind your current self-interpretation.

The objective is to guide you inward so you can make these astounding discoveries on your own.  The ultimate goal is to see you bravely look us straight in the eye and say “I’ve found my truest self and I don’t need you anymore…I have ME.” As you walk out the door, we watch a fully transformed soulful being on your way to a contented, fulfilling, peaceful life.

It’s not that every issue is solved for the rest of your life, but the right coach guides you to trust that ‘you can and you will’And that belief is worth more than its weight in gold.

How Intuitive Professionals Hear You Differently

Your language, emotions and physical expression tell all to an intuitive coach or mentor.  The path to your most contented experiences begins within you…where your belief systems rule. An intuitive coach ‘hears’ beyond what is said and what is shown.

You say: “I am lonely”  We hear: “I’m struggling with creating relationships that matter to me.” 

You say: “I don’t think I can do that”.  We hear: “I allow judgment, criticism and opinion to drown out my own knowing.”

You say: “I am not good.” We hear: “I feel guilty about my choices.”

You say: “I can’t say ‘no’.” We hear: “I need to please others for my own sense of worth.

You say: “You’ll think I’m crazy.” We hear: “I am apologizing for who I am because I want you to like me.”

You laugh nervously…. We hear: “I’ve been second-guessed, made fun of and judged all my life and I’m just not sure if I’m okay.”

There is exhaustion written all over you.  We hear: “I am off balance and do not give myself enough care.”

You hesitate to let go of rules, restrictions and structure. We hear: “I was raised to believe in absolute right and wrong, good and bad and I am afraid of what will happen if I live outside those boundaries.”

You apologize often.  We hear: “Please don’t think less of me but I’m struggling.”

You say: “Nothing works, I can’t get it right.” We hear: “I feel so lost and I do not trust my own choices.”

You say: “I don’t sleep well or concentrate.” We hear: “My mind is so busy playing out ‘what if’ scenarios and replaying the past.”

You say: “I am anxious & I worry.” We hear: “I need things to turn out a certain way or it won’t be good enough.

Asking for help is always the first step toward regaining equilibrium in your own life. An experienced guide can help you take the reigns.


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